Monday, September 01, 2003

The Selling Cycle - Part III Greeting

The prospect has been found, the appointment made, and within moments the potential buyer will arrive at the property. Within minutes the consumer will ask: Is this the place? Are you the person? Is today going to be the day?

Within seconds of the sales consultant’s greeting, the customer will determine: Can I trust you? Do you care about me? Will you listen to me?

All these questions and more are answered within minutes of the greeting. As anyone in sales knows, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Make your words sincere and show your interest.

There are 4 Keys to any Greeting:

1. Shake hands with everyone in the customer’s group - men, women and children.

2. Make eye contact when you shake hands. (You’ll know you have made eye contact when you can turn away and name the color of their eyes.) The eyes are the windows of our souls. Eye contact is essential to building trust.

3. Repeat the customer’s name 3 times in the first 2 minutes. We all like the sound of our own names. Repeating a name 3 times after an introduction is the key to remembering it.

"It is nice to meet you Mr./Mrs. _________. Mr./ Mrs._______ is that your truck you drove up in? It sure looks great. Can you tell me about it? Please follow me Mr./Mrs. ______. I have an idea."

4. The fourth key is to get the customer to say your name once during the first 2 minutes.

Word tracks for the Greeting:

Sales Consultant: Whether you are greeting your own prospect or a walk-on, move directly toward the customer with your hand extended, a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and say,

“ Good morning/afternoon/evening). Welcome to ___________ RV Center. My name is _________. Thank you for coming in.”

Or, “What brings you in today?”

Or, “How can I assist you today?”

Or, “Is that the ______ you drove up in? Our used vehicle manager is looking for a unit just like that one. Can you tell me more about it?”

Scenario #1

Customer may reply: “Hello, I am Jim and this is Judi, and we are just looking.”

Sales Consultant: “ Nice to meet you Jim and Judi. Great! Most of our customers begin just as you and Judi are - simply looking. We have well over ____ acres of inventory here at ______ RV Center. If we could share a few minutes now, I can save you and Judi hours of looking. I have an idea. Follow me. Oh, by the way, have either one of you entered our drawing yet?” Turn and walk to the showroom and your workstation. Do not worry - the customers will be in tow.

Scenario #2

Customer may reply: “ We are looking around, and if we see something that strikes our interest we will wave at you, OK?”

Sales Consultant: “Nice to meet you, _____________. We have over ___ acres here. ___________, did you have a particular type of RV in mind? I would be more than glad to show you where those units are. ____________, how about if I check in with you from time to time to answer any questions you have?"

Some people have been shopping at other dealerships and know what type of unit they can afford and which unit will fulfill their requirements. They simply want room to discover it for themselves on your lot. Give them space, but do not ignore them. Stay close by in order to answer questions. When customers feel you are willing to allow them to look in peace, they will often open up to you. (They may even share why they feel anxious about sales consultants!) Open dialog occurs when customers feel comfortable.

Remember the Power of Discovery.

When you greet the customer on the lot, your primary objective is to find some common ground and begin to build rapport. A professional salesperson will practice the greeting until it becomes second nature. Remember, no one is going to do business with you until they decide: This is the place. You are the person. Today is the day.

RV Executive Today, September 2003, p. 12 & 15