Tuesday, October 05, 1999

Ten Tips for Service Agreements

1. 100% solicitation 100% of the time to 100% of your customers!

2. Establish value by asking about the trade:
"When you purchased your current unit did you also buy a service agreement?"

3. Offer choices for coverage: "Five, six, or seven years - which coverage fits your needs?"

4. Act as though everyone buys a service agreement.

5. Ask the technicians who show the unit to identify some of the major components that are covered by a service agreement. Give the technicians a spiff for recommending the policy. Share the wealth!

6. Use the second visit with your customer as a serious closing opportunity for the service contract.

7. Create a follow-up letter for customers who did not purchase this valuable coverage. Mail the letter 9 months after delivery.

8. Telephone the customer 5 days after you mail the letter.

9. Attach a note to every repair order showing the number of days remaining under factory warranty and days that could be covered with a service agreement.

10. Encourage service advisors to ask every customer for a copy of their service agreement when the customer is authorizing work on the unit: "May I have a copy of your service contract so I can validate it?" If the customer does not have a policy, this is a great opportunity to sell one!