Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Do You Want to Make More Money? Sell Accessories!

The big question is, “Are you making all the money you want?” Most would reply, “Well, we could always do better.” If that is the case, then broaden your view.

The same customers, who grind you on the price, are the same ones who don’t purchase accessories. In short, you are losing business because the parts department is not demonstrating accessories.

Take a New Approach

How about trying something new? First, if the parts department becomes a partner with the sales and finance, it would sell more items. Some of you provide customers a discount card at the point of delivery and the cards are valid just that day. How many actually use the card? How many go elsewhere to buy the extra items, taking their money with them?

In order to sell additional items, customers must see them. You must demonstrate your products. In the RV world, much of what we do is relationship selling. The relationship built between the sales person and the customer should have such strong ties, that when the sales person recommends an item, the customer says, “OK.”

Many of our sales take time. Customers may have already visited your parts department. But, there is a huge difference between visiting a department and seeing a demonstration.

The first difference is needs assessment. When a dedicated person presents accessories to a customer, he gets the chance to talk about enhancing the lifestyle. Those who use their RVs know these items will improve the experience. The conveniences turn an OK experience into a WOW experience. If customers don’t see the opportunities at the dealership level, they will go elsewhere to get what they want.

Saturday Clinics

Spotlighting some of the larger accessories during a Saturday clinic is a great way for customers to learn the value of added accessories. It is also a reason for the sales department to invite potential customers to the dealership. Attendees could also include customers who purchased an RV in the last 30 days.

After making a selection of accessories, give your customers options for payment. Remember 35 percent of nothing is nothing, 25 percent of something is positive revenue. When you evaluate your current process, ask yourself if you are maximizing your opportunities?

RV Executive Today, April 2008 Issue, P.38