Thursday, October 01, 2009

Three Keys to Turning an Objection into a $ale

There is a process that should be followed to maximize every opportunity. In these difficult economic times, every opportunity counts, every effort counts, and, in order to make the sale, F&I professionals need to make the second and third effort. Here are three keys to help you maximize those opportunities.

1) Consistent presentation. 2) Clarify the objection. 3) Implement the READY strategy.

First try to secure the sale as a package, then isolate the objection and address that specific concern. If that does not secure the sale then bring out the proof statements, and share an example of a claim. If you cannot succeed in making the sale you should have a customer declination form. Documentation showing the customer had the choice to purchase on a certain day and elected not to purchase the coverage can save the dealership down the road?

As I tell folks, service always gets paid for. The question is, from whom?

Dealer Marketing Magazine, October 2009