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Most of the articles archived here were written by Jan Kelly, President of Kelly Enterprises. Ms. Kelly is a well-known F&I/sales trainer and consultant, an in-demand speaker, and a featured writer for industry publications. Additional articles were written by Kelly Enterprises consultants and trainers. Find out more about Jan Kelly.

You are welcome to reprint any of the articles you read on this site. Please attribute the article author and source publication, and send a copy of the publication containing your reprint to: Kelly Enterprises, P. O. Box 821665, Vancouver, WA 98682.

Aftermarket Sales

  4/1/2008 Do You Want to Make More Money? Sell Accessories!
  7/1/2007 Using IT in F&I
  4/1/2007 Kelly's Korner - To Tape or Not To Tape?
  3/1/2007 An F&I S.O.S.
  3/1/2007 Kelly's Korner - Going For The Goals
  3/1/2007 Dealing With Compliance
  2/1/2007 Kelly's Korner - Add Products to Increase Profits
  2/1/2007 F&I Is More Than Finance
  2/1/2007 Profit Quest
  2/1/2007 Preventive Medicine for the F&I Department
  1/1/2007 Plan Well To Finish Well
  1/1/2007 Preparing for the New Year
  1/1/2007 Kelly's Korner - Privacy Policy Pointers
  12/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - Meeting of the Minds
  12/1/2006 Winning By The "No's"
  11/1/2006 Prospecting: Are You Hunting or Farming?
  11/1/2006 Thanks for the Lemon Aid
  11/1/2006 Shaping Up
  11/1/2006 High Credit Balances / Low Credit Scores
  10/1/2006 F&I Rules
  10/1/2006 The Anatomy Of An F&I Presentation
  9/1/2006 Lots of Deals - Part II
  9/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - Concerning Your Area Of Influence
  9/1/2006 Exercise Your Option$
  9/1/2006 A Change Of Face Pay$
  8/1/2006 Data That Delivers
  8/1/2006 Puzzled By The Patriot Act?
  8/1/2006 A License To Drive
  7/1/2006 Fresh Start F&I Production
  7/1/2006 The Web and F&I
  7/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - Unforgettable Appointments
  6/1/2006 Internal Auditing for the F&I Department
  6/1/2006 When Business Slows, Train To Grow
  6/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - F&I Assurance: What If Solution
  6/1/2006 Dog-Gone Good Deals!
  5/1/2006 Protection With A Buy Here, Pay Here Operation
  5/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - Physical Damage Insurance
  5/1/2006 Managing Sales to Make the Most of Special Finance
  4/1/2006 Operating In A Bilingual Market
  4/1/2006 Improving Bottom Line In Competitive Marketplace
  4/1/2006 Selling Value: Priceless
  3/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - Is Off-site Training Valuable?
  3/1/2006 Driving Ideas To Work
  3/1/2006 The Mind is Like a Parachute . . .
  3/1/2006 Timing Of The Turn To F&I
  3/1/2006 Compliance: Boundaries For The Wise F&I Manager
  2/1/2006 Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going . . .
  2/1/2006 Watts Up? Shed Light On Aftermkt Profitability
  2/1/2006 A Financial Center Fitness Plan
  2/1/2006 Driving Customer Retention
  1/1/2006 Strategies To Make Deals Stick in 2006
  1/1/2006 Customize The Bottom Line
  12/1/2005 Getting Down To Basics: The F&I Audit Trail
  11/1/2005 Safeguards Rule At Your Dealership
  11/1/2005 Tap the Market for Aftermarket Parts/Accessories
  5/1/2005 Kelly's Korner - Time It Takes To Make (F&I) Case
  9/1/2003 Etching Ethics into Retail Pricing
  3/1/2003 Aftermarket Accessorizes F&I
  10/5/2001 Gaining AfterMarket $ales
  5/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Advantages of Aftermarket Desk
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