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Most of the articles archived here were written by Jan Kelly, President of Kelly Enterprises. Ms. Kelly is a well-known F&I/sales trainer and consultant, an in-demand speaker, and a featured writer for industry publications. Additional articles were written by Kelly Enterprises consultants and trainers. Find out more about Jan Kelly.

You are welcome to reprint any of the articles you read on this site. Please attribute the article author and source publication, and send a copy of the publication containing your reprint to: Kelly Enterprises, P. O. Box 821665, Vancouver, WA 98682.


  3/9/2010 Lending: What are your prospects?
  11/1/2008 Strengthening Relationships With Local Lenders
  11/1/2008 Kelly's Korner: Lenders
  10/1/2008 Lending Is The Key To Growth
  8/1/2008 Negative Equity
  6/1/2008 Powerbooking: A Dangerous Game
  5/1/2008 FICO 2008: What Does It Mean?
  11/1/2007 Avoiding Bank Fraud
  10/1/2006 A Primer on Non-Prime Lending
  6/1/2006 Effect of Long-Term Financing On RV Industry...
  2/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - The Rule of 78
  4/1/2005 Credit Unions: Friend or Foe?
  10/1/2004 What Does a FICO Score Mean On a Credit Bureau?
  6/1/2004 Interview - Secrets To Successful Financing
  2/1/2004 The F&I Center: Final Stop & Last Impression
  2/1/2004 Dealing with Negative Equity
  12/1/2003 Kelly's Korner: How do you rate?
  11/1/2003 Finance Reserve Good News - Bad News
  10/5/2003 The Importance of Dealer Facilitated Financing
  9/1/2003 Do We Need A Special Finance Department?
  2/1/2003 Credit Application - Cornerstone of Making Deals
  11/1/2002 Kelly's Korner-Finding used car lenders.
  8/9/2002 Sharing Lender Insights
  7/1/2002 Kelly's Korner: Sending False Records to Lender
  5/9/2002 Special Finance in the Mainstream
  12/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: The Car Dealer's Secret
  10/5/2001 Opening the Door to Profits
  10/5/2001 The Challenge of the New Millennium
  10/5/2001 Strengthening Lender Relationships
  6/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Handling Sub-Prime Financing
  6/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Credit Application Retention
  4/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Repercussions of Straw Purchase
  4/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Liability of Down Payment Loan
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