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Most of the articles archived here were written by Jan Kelly, President of Kelly Enterprises. Ms. Kelly is a well-known F&I/sales trainer and consultant, an in-demand speaker, and a featured writer for industry publications. Additional articles were written by Kelly Enterprises consultants and trainers. Find out more about Jan Kelly.

You are welcome to reprint any of the articles you read on this site. Please attribute the article author and source publication, and send a copy of the publication containing your reprint to: Kelly Enterprises, P. O. Box 821665, Vancouver, WA 98682.


  3/2/2010 What Can You Do to Improve Business?
  11/1/2009 Compliance Issues and the Dealership
  7/1/2009 Needing More, While Working With Less
  3/1/2009 Kelly’s Korner: Compliance Issues
  1/9/2009 Stretching Your Educational Dollars
  1/1/2009 Where Is The Income In F&I?
  11/26/2008 Red Flag Rules And The Dealership
  9/1/2008 F&I – The Key to $UCCE$$
  9/1/2008 Compliance Issues for the Independent Dealership
  8/1/2008 Finding the ‘Income’ in F&I
  6/1/2008 Education Plan for New Sales Associates
  5/1/2008 Compliance and the Dealership
  4/1/2008 Streamlining the F&I Process
  3/1/2008 What are Your Numbers?
  3/1/2008 Are Conventions An Expense Or an Investment?
  3/1/2008 The Magic of a Change of Face
  1/1/2008 What are Your Numbers?
  1/1/2008 The Value of Cross-Training
  12/1/2007 Types of Insurance Licenses
  12/1/2007 The Seven “P”s of Progress
  11/1/2007 Staying out of the News
  8/22/2007 The Future of Sub-prime Paper
  7/1/2007 Dead Or Live, Record Retention And
  7/1/2007 Kelly's Korner: Essence of an F&I 20 Group
  6/1/2007 Who Pulls the Credit Bureau?
  6/1/2007 Kelly's Korner: Salesmen Keep F&I Profitability?
  4/1/2007 Technology Is Changing...You Ready For The Avatar?
  12/1/2006 Learning To Lead
  10/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - Overturning Turnover
  7/1/2006 Hiring and Training an F&I Assistant
  1/1/2006 New Beginnings For 2006
  12/1/2005 Set Your Sites On Credit
  11/1/2005 Customer Care In The Red Zone
  11/1/2005 Negative Equity Second Verse
  9/1/2005 Why F&I?
  8/1/2005 Who Is Your F&I Manager Working For?
  8/1/2005 Put It In Writing
  8/1/2005 Asleep At The Deal? The True Cost of Protection
  6/1/2005 Don't Shoot The Messenger
  5/1/2005 Follow The Money!
  4/1/2005 Regulation Z Equals Disclosures
  3/1/2005 FYI: F&I At NADA New Orleans 2005
  3/1/2005 With all the negative press about F&I....
  2/1/2005 Four Keys To F&I Formula
  2/1/2005 The Truth About Disclosures
  1/1/2005 Moving From Good To Great
  1/1/2005 F&I Potential
  12/1/2004 Outsourcing Profits
  11/1/2004 Schooling The Sales Team On F&I
  11/1/2004 Kelly's Korner - Some Things Old & Some Things New
  11/1/2004 The F&I Score for 2004
  10/1/2004 Timely Matter$
  9/1/2004 Kelly's Korner
  9/1/2004 Leasing In The Linelight...Again
  8/1/2004 Kelly's Korner - Privacy notice & customer's app.
  7/1/2004 Protecting your Customer from Collateral Damage
  7/1/2004 An "I" for Industry Education
  7/1/2004 Did You Meet the May Date?
  6/1/2004 F&I In The Line of Fire - Can You Take The Heat?
  5/1/2004 Sales and Finance: Making Time Pay
  5/1/2004 Kelly's Korner - The value of Tracking Performance
  4/1/2004 Desking Deals From the Same Page
  3/1/2004 Kelly's Korner: The Right to Reserve
  3/1/2004 (A)mending the Customer's Perception of F&I
  1/1/2004 X-ercising Your Business
  1/1/2004 Lining for Time
  11/1/2003 The Case for F&I 20 Groups
  10/1/2003 F&I And The Safeguards Rule
  1/1/2003 Training: Expense or Investment?
  1/1/2003 Kelly's Korner: Spiffing up F&I Sales
  12/1/2002 Trading 50% of the profit for 100% of the Liabilty
  6/10/2002 Passing the Buck: Pay Plan Pitfalls
  10/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Managing Information
  10/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Consistency & Changing Personnel
  8/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: F&I 20 Groups
  3/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Increase Profits in Slow Market
  2/1/2001 Maintaining a Motivated Sales Force
  1/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Setting Goals
  10/5/1999 Ability without Opportunity is of Little Value
  10/5/1999 Positioning for $ucce$$
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