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Most of the articles archived here were written by Jan Kelly, President of Kelly Enterprises. Ms. Kelly is a well-known F&I/sales trainer and consultant, an in-demand speaker, and a featured writer for industry publications. Additional articles were written by Kelly Enterprises consultants and trainers. Find out more about Jan Kelly.

You are welcome to reprint any of the articles you read on this site. Please attribute the article author and source publication, and send a copy of the publication containing your reprint to: Kelly Enterprises, P. O. Box 821665, Vancouver, WA 98682.


  3/15/2010 In the Absence of Value...
  2/1/2010 F&I Income Opportunities
  1/1/2010 The Changing Landscape of F&I
  12/1/2009 Changing the F&I Line-Up
  10/1/2009 Three Keys to Turning an Objection into a $ale
  6/1/2009 The Value Of Consistency
  5/1/2009 New Ways Of Creating Income For F&I
  4/1/2009 Who Is $elling Whom?
  3/1/2009 What Can You Do to Improve Business?
  2/1/2009 Taking Stock and Planning for Success
  2/1/2009 Expanding the I in F&I
  2/1/2009 The Adventures Of A Shopper
  8/1/2008 Capitalizing On A Soft Market
  7/1/2008 Creating Opportunities During Slow Times
  6/1/2008 Focus on the I in F&I
  3/1/2008 F&I is a Critical Hub
  2/1/2008 Follow-Up In F&I
  9/1/2007 F&I Is A $elling Position
  8/1/2007 Benefits Before Buck$
  5/1/2007 F&I For A Buy Here-Pay Here Operation
  5/1/2007 Kelly's Korner: Number of Products to Present
  11/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - Creating Team Environment (Sales)
  4/1/2006 Sales On The Line
  4/1/2006 Kelly's Korner - Fearless Selling
  12/1/2005 The Focus Factor
  10/1/2005 Making Special Finance Score
  10/1/2005 The Performance Track
  10/1/2005 The Right Start To A Successful F&I Sale
  10/1/2005 Clearing the Way for Trades
  10/1/2005 Making Space For The Special Finance Case
  9/1/2005 Negative Equity: Handle with Care
  9/1/2005 Tuning Up Service
  7/1/2005 Down Payment Dollars and Sense
  7/1/2005 Prospecting For a Bumper Customer Crop
  7/1/2005 Kelly's Korner - Turn Signals
  7/1/2005 Why "I" Will Miss Sales
  6/1/2005 Kelly Korner - High Tech Route to Q.T. w/Customers
  5/1/2005 The Rate Wars: Fight Or Switch?
  4/1/2005 Service Agreements Down?
  3/1/2005 Tie Downs Gain Yes Responses
  2/1/2005 F&I Imprints
  1/1/2005 Presenting By The Book
  1/1/2005 The Right Time to Sign on the Dotted Line
  12/1/2004 Kelly's Korner - Drumming Up Business
  10/1/2004 Menu MoJo
  8/30/2004 The Most Profitable Sqare Footage in a Dealership
  7/1/2004 Kelly's Korner-insurance license for F&I?
  6/1/2004 Taking the Pressure Out of F&I
  4/1/2004 Q&A with Jan Kelly: Sales to Service $olutions
  12/1/2003 Making Your Web Site Work
  10/1/2003 Kelly's Korner: Step Selling
  10/1/2003 A "Cure" for the Common "We offer" Syndrome
  9/1/2003 Kelly's Korner: Holding on to the Front End GP
  8/1/2003 Tie Down Questions to Tie Up the Sale
  8/1/2003 Kelly's Korner: Declining CSI Score
  7/1/2003 AD-ing Up the Scores
  7/1/2003 Lost & Found: Revitalizing F&I Profit Centers
  6/1/2003 What's New in the Used Auto Business
  6/1/2003 Kelly's Korner - Disclosing the APR
  6/1/2003 Straw Purchase
  5/1/2003 Selling Loan Protection
  4/1/2003 Looking for Lenders
  4/1/2003 Quoting Payments at the Desk
  4/1/2003 Products, Work, Planning: Keys to Success
  3/1/2003 Kelly's Korner: Trade interview
  3/1/2003 Patriot Act Alters America's Business
  2/1/2003 Extra Sales Without a Spec. Fin. Dept. - Part III
  12/1/2002 Extra Sales Without Spec. Fin. Dept.- Part II
  11/1/2002 Service Agreements
  10/1/2002 Addressing the Customer's Inquiry about Rate
  10/1/2002 Svc. Agreements - High Profit, Low Aggravation
  10/1/2002 F&I 20 Group Offers Insights from Lenders
  9/1/2002 Extra Sales Without Spec. Fin. Dept.
  9/1/2002 10 Steps to a More Productive F&I Process
  8/1/2002 Customer Service = Higher Profits
  8/1/2002 How does the F&I Manager see every customer?
  6/1/2002 Making Your Web Site Work
  6/1/2002 Lots of Product Training, No Performance
  6/1/2002 What Should a Typical Day in F&I Include?
  5/1/2002 What should a typical day in F&I include?
  4/1/2002 F&I Q&A with Jan Kelly
  1/1/2002 Internet Quote Requests
  12/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Length of F&I Presentation
  12/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Customer's View of Satisfied
  11/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Securing Larger Downpayment
  10/5/2001 300% Rule
  10/5/2001 I Am New to F&I - Where Do I Begin?
  10/5/2001 Non-Confrontational Sales
  8/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Tracking Policy Cancellations
  8/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Selling All F&I Products
  6/11/2001 The Key to Selling More Service Agreements
  3/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Improving F&I Production
  3/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Softer Sales in F&I
  2/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Prospecting
  1/1/2001 Kelly's Korner: Define Sales Business Manager
  3/7/1999 Increasing Income with the Same Number of Deals
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