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Profit Building Education, Online All The Time

Currently educating the Automobile and RV Industries, our e-Seminars allow you to increase your productivity by learning from your home or office computer.

While our 3-day "Back to Basics" F&I training seminar gives you the benefit of personal interaction and immediate response, and our Web Seminars provide fast paced topic specific education in 30-60 minutes with Q&A time at the end of the session; our e-seminar platform allows you to pause, rewind, start, stop, and view the seminar multiple times for a minimum of 14 days from the date of purchase, maximizing your learning potential.

E-seminars are a great way to supplement our educational venues because they allow you to replay sections repeatedly until you have mastered the concept, in the comfort of your own home or office.

Kelly Enterprises e-Seminars are designed to maximize your time and to provide you with a rich learning experience. Each e-Seminar course is made up of multiple chapters. Results are measured by taking an exam at the conclusion of each chapter. Quick and convenient, these courses will fit nicely into the fast pace of today's working environment.

To put our e-Seminars to work for you, all you need is a computer with Internet access (no dial-up) and your credit card. It's a great "e-World" we live in. Why not take advantage of it and "skill up" with Kelly Enterprises e-Seminars!

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  Kelly Enterprises  P. O. Box 821665 Vancouver, WA 98682
Corporate Office Ph: (800) 336-4275 Fax: (800) 980-9420

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