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CD Series I, II, and III

Buy the entire CD collection and receive 30% off. Series: I - F&I = Found Income, Series: II - Answering Customer Concerns, and Series: III - Finance Conversions

CD Series Collection

CD Series I

Series: I - F&I = Found Income CD

    In series I, Jan Kelly reinforces the added value the F&I office brings to a dealership. She also demonstrates the interview as the foundation of every sale. Jan shows you how to build rapport quickly and set the pace of the transaction in the first two minutes.

    F&I Profit Center
    Controlling the Interview
    F& I Presentation: Auto and RV

Series: II - Answering Customer Concerns CD

    In this series, Jan Kelly shares new ideas to make it easy to turn customer concerns into income opportunities. All of the products are generic and have universal application.

    Service Agreements
    Credit Life & Disability
    Aftermarket Products:
        •Paint & Fiber Guard
        •Security Systems

CD Series II

CD Series III

Series: III - Finance Conversions CD

    In the third series, Jan Kelly identifies why dealer directed financing is so vital to customer retention and customer satisfaction. She reviews why it is far better for every customer to finance through a dealership than to secure their own financing. Learn what points to discuss with the customer when faced with credit union or cash deals. Financing is the key to profits. Learn how to unlock your potential.

    Dealer Controlled Financing
    Credit Union Conversions
    Cash Conversions

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