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Specialized Training in Dealership
Financial Services 

A 2-day seminar designed expressly for F&I producers who want to use a products & services menu to promote 100% solicitation, economize presentation time, and ensure full disclosure of contract terms and conditions. This special training also expands on timely topics from our Financial Center Career Development Seminar to address the common obstacles that can cause seasoned sales business managers to plateau.

Two-Day Advanced F&I Seminar 

  • Mapping the F&I Process - for one visit or two
  • Insurance Underwriting Guidelines - customer choices
  • The Package Presentation - adding up the value
  • Turning VSA, CL & A&H Objections into Option$ - BYOL
      (Bring your own list to stump the trainer!)
  • Negotiation - playing by the rules that let everyone win
  • Dealer-Controlled Financing - know your marketplace
  • Credit Union Conversions - friend or foe?
  • Cash Conversions - lessons in leveraging
  • Credit Underwriting Guidelines - building your case
  • Team Role Playing and Critique - practicing your pitch


    Can you conduct this training at my dealership? 

    Yes. Contact or call 800-336-4275 to arrange for training at your location!

      Kelly Enterprises  P. O. Box 821665 Vancouver, WA 98682
    Corporate Office Ph: (800) 336-4275 Fax: (800) 980-9420

     Email with questions, concerns, or comments!